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Update Date: 2019/05/06

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What is DApp?

As everyone knows, App is an abbreviation of Application. All mobile software and websites belong to Apps. DApp and App only differ by a letter D whose meaning is decentralized. APP runs code and stores data on centralized servers, so App can be modified by its owner at any time. DApp is partially or completely using decentralized networks to store data and code. (Note: Blockchain is a type of decentralized network)

There is no strict definition of DApp now. Referring to a paragraph from GitHub to describe the characteristics of DApp:

  1. The application must be completely open-source, it must operate autonomously, and with no entity controlling the majority of its tokens. The application may adapt its protocol in response to proposed improvements and market feedback but all changes must be decided by a consensus of its users.

  2. The application's data and records of operation must be cryptographically stored in a public, decentralized blockchain in order to avoid any central points of failure.

  3. The application must use a cryptographic token (bitcoin or a token native to its system) which is necessary for access to the application and any contribution of value from (miners/farmers) should be rewarded in the application’s tokens.

  4. The application must generate tokens according to a standard cryptographic algorithm acting as a proof of the value nodes are contributing to the application (Bitcoin uses the Proof of Work Algorithm).

Original: https://github.com/DavidJohnstonCEO/DecentralizedApplications

The status of DApp

At present, most DApps cannot fully meet the above 4 points. We summarize the current status of DApp:

  1. The threshold for using DApp is relatively high. Dapps have only hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. DApps often involve cryptocurrency transactions. PayPal/Credit Card doesn’t trade cryptocurrency, so users need to use specific payment tools like MetaMask.

  2. Many DApps' code is not open source. The reasons for it are different: to prevent competitors from copying or to make a profit secretly.

  3. Like iOS and Android, a DApp can be adapted to run on multiple blockchains, however, most DApps only have web versions instead of mobile versions.

  4. Dapp industry is not mature. There were few well-made Dapps in the past 2 years. Good news is many Internet giants have already entered the market to invest in DApps and blockchains. The future of DApp will be good.

  5. At present, most DApps are casinos and games. Some of them attracted tens of thousands of users and earned a great deal of money.

  6. DappReview is the largest DApp platform with more than 3000 DApps.

DApp isn't so mysterious. Here are some tutorials for beginners to learn how to use some common browser wallet extensions to play DApps. Click the directory on the right to jump directly to the part you like.

How to buy cryptocurrency

Coinbase: https://www.coinbase.com/

How to play ETH DApps

1. Install MetaMask

MetaMask extension link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/metamask

MetaMask official website: https://metamask.io/

Add Metamask to Chrome
Back up secret words
Export private key

2. Use MetaMask to play DApps

We'll take CryptoKitties - a classical DApp for example to show several common use cases.

2.1 Go to DappReview https://dapp.review/explore , search CryptoKitties.

2.2 Enter CryptoKitties official website

2.3 Buy a CryptoKitty

How to play EOS DApps

1. Create EOS account

There are a few ways to set up EOS account if you don't have one already:

1.1 Ask an EOS account owner to create one for you.

1.2 Use the account generator tool or service

2. Install Scatter Desktop

Scatter official website: https://get-scatter.com/

3. Use Scatter to play DApps

3.1 Go to DappReview https://dapp.review/explore , search EOSKnight and enter official website

3.2 Use Scatter to sign in the game and buy crypto asset

How to play TRON DApps

Add TronLink to Chrome
Back up secret words
Export private key

2.1 Go to DappReview https://dapp.review/explore , search Blockchain Cuties and enter its official website

2.2 Log in the game

2.3 Buy a pet


  1. Install extensions on chrome web store to make sure extensions are latest and safest.

  2. Wallet asks for your approval before every interaction with blockchain, so you won't lose cryptocurreny without knowing it.

  3. Private key is the only pass in blockchain world, so please keep it safe.